Upcoming: Egg Shoot - July 31

Any Center Fire Rifle / Caliber / Sight / Scope can be used.
Sunday July 31 - 11am Signup - 1pm Start - $5 per stage
Winner gets bragging rights.
Please signup early so we know how many eggs we need!

How it works... There will be 1 stage per shooter; 2 rounds per stage.

Round 1: 3 Eggs. 50yd, 75yd, and 100yd in 90 seconds.
Round 2: 4 Eggs. 50yd, 75yd, 100yd and 150yd in 90 seconds.

Should only need 10-25 rounds of ammo or less!
Shoot off will determine the winner in the event of a tie!

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Targets must be shot in order of closest to furthest. [ie. If the shooter hits the 75yd target before the 50yd target, then that 50yd target is forfeit.]
  2. All shots must be taken from a seated position at shooting bench.
  3. Front stock must be supported by a sandbag or affixed bipod. [No stands or mechanical devices allowed]
  4. Rear stock supported by the shooter. [No bag or devices allowed.]
  5. Each hit is a point scored. The one with the most points wins.
  6. A leaking egg is considered a hit. Cracked but not leaking is not a hit.
  7. Range safety will be observed at all times.

GOAL RALLY at MA State House – Front Steps – Saturday July 23, 2016 – 10:00 AM

Club members would like to be aware of the following announcement by GOAL.org

PSA: Mass AG Issues New Interpretation of Gun Laws

This will be of concern to many club members.

An excerpt of the email announcement from GOAL.ORG:

Without any prior notice or public hearings and while the legislature is on break for national conventions the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, has issued an "Enforcement Notice" to firearm retailers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts changing the longstanding definition of so-called "Assault Weapons".

For nearly 18 years since the passage of the 1998 Gun Control Act firearm retailers, gun owners and state agencies have been operating under the same interpretation. Now, suddenly, without warning or any due process a single person with a clear political agenda decides to change the rules. All Massachusetts residents should be alarmed!

GOAL is currently trying to decipher the enforcement letter, but with as much information that it contains, it is not very clear what it means. Statements such as the following make it very convoluted: "... a weapon is a Copy or Duplicate, for example, if the operating system and firing mechanism of the weapon are based on or otherwise substantially similar to one of the Enumerated Weapons."

Virtually every semi-automatic that utilizes a detachable magazine has the same operating system or firing mechanism, so what does this mean? The short answer is we simply don't know. Our best advice to firearm retailers for now is to err on the side of caution. These new rules may cover a lot more than just what we might think.

GOAL is working with people and groups around the State and the nation to clarify these new interpretations and decide the best course of action. One thing is certain that this new interpretation is purely a political stunt and has nothing to do with public safety or real law.

The link to the Mass AG announcement can be found here: [FULL LINK] Click here.

A Change.org petition to Governor Charlie Baker; "To overturn the Massachusetts Attorney Generals decision to impose an unconstitutional infringement on the second amendment rights of the law abiding citizens of the states of Massachusetts." [FULL LINK] Click here.

Trap Shoot Today

Break Clays Like A Boss

July 17th - 1pm Start

NO LEAD SHOT! Steel shot only #7 or higher.
Shells available for purchase.
2 rounds of Trap 25 clays per round. $5.00 per round

No prior Trap shooting experience or expertise is necessary.
This is a fun, informal shoot, all members and their guests are welcome.
Bring your shotgun and have some fun.

Rifle and Pistol Ranges closed during Trap Shoot.

Upcoming Bowling Pin Shoot

Pistol / any caliber / open sites - $10 entry
July 16 - 11am Start
Winner gets half the money
The winner that also beats Bill Fox
gets an additional $50 bonus prize + a knife.


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